Sunday, 24 November 2013

Fighting Fantasy solutions

Maybe you've never made it out of the dungeon in Creature of Havoc. Or solved that annoying puzzle in Tower of Destruction. Perhaps you've ended up in the kitchen one time too many in House of Hell. Or wondered whether it is in fact possible to beat Crypt of the Sorcerer with a 12-24-12 character. There are many reasons why you might want to have solutions to the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, and not all of them involve trying to figure out how to finish a book you've always been defeated by (e.g. maybe you just want to relive the experience of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain without trying to solve Zagor's maze again 30 years later, or see how many medallions you can actually get in Daggers of Darkness). So if you are after Fighting Fantasy gamebook solutions, help is at hand. Starting on the (now defunct) Unofficial Fighting Fantasy Forum!, 'Champskees' set his hand to working out the perfect solution for each of the FF gamebooks (judged by the highest and easiest level of success with the weakest character).

In the kitchen again?

Unfortunately the plug was pulled on the Unofficial Forum in September 2013 and Champskees' solutions disappeared with it. (Warning! If you post something interesting on an internet chat forum, remember to make a copy of it for yourself.) But thanks to Google's cache, he was able to retrieve the solutions and has been putting them up on the Fighting Fantazine Forum for us all to enjoy again (currently books 1-50, Puffin numbering of course, are available).

- Choose Luck Potion. Take the two parts of the luck potion immediately.
- Go west.
- Test Luck. Fail = Fight Sk 6 St 5 Orc.
- Go north.
- Open door.
- At least a thousand Gold Pieces, diamonds, jewellery, rubies and pearls are in the chest. You also find the Warlock’s spell book. With this book, unlimited power is yours and the safety of your return to the village is ensured. Or you could remain as master of Firetop Mountain...

Brilliant stuff. And, what's more, it looks like Champskees' solutions are going to feature in future issues of Fighting Fantazine too, so keep an eye out for those as well. So now you have no excuse for failing to reach the end of that problem gamebook (actually, that's not strictly true; Champskees points out that even with the perfect solution, many of the gamebooks are extremely difficult to complete). If your Stamina fails, it's probably not your fault!


  1. You can also find solutions in flow diagram form here:

    1. Yes, the SVGs are great, and I hope to talk about them in another post. They're not really solutions so much as DNA sequences of the books (though the optimal route can be highlighted)! The advantage of the solutions is that they tell what to do and why.