Monday, 11 November 2013

More Fighting Fantasy maps - Steve Luxton

While I'm on the topic of maps in FF, I thought it would be worth drawing attention to Steve Luxton's blog, Mr Nibbs' New Maps (I didn't even realise there was a new incarnation of his blog until recently, very pleased to have found it). Steve has been discussing things with the members of titan_rebuilding and has been working with Arion Games to produce new maps of various places in Titan, of the continents, and the whole world. And look at the results! Maps of Salamonis, Lord Azzur's Palace, Port Blacksand, the continents and the whole of Titan in globe form. I particularly like the sketch map of northern Allansia, which captures the feel of the place wonderfully.

Actually, I can't help feeling that Steve Luxton has a lot to answer for. This blog for example. Steve's maps in Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World were one of the things that really hooked my imagination as a kid. I almost turned inside out with excitement the day I first saw Titan on the shelf of my local bookshop and realised it had maps of the three continents. These maps together with his maps in Midnight Rogue, Chasms of Malice, Vault of the Vampire and Fangs of Fury really brought depth to the world of FF. Let's hope we see some more of Steve's work published soon.

Which brings me to this:

I only found out about this map by Steve Luxton when reading the latest issue of Fighting Fantazine. I'd like to know more! I know it's in French, but where can I buy a copy? And will it be released in English too?


  1. Hi Warren,
    Its pubished by Scriptarium, the company who also publish the French-language version of the AFF rulebook. They've also released a DM screen, card map and figure tokens, and an AFF adventure set at sea! Their version of the AFF rulebook is about twice as thick as ours and features a huge adventure that involves Craggen Rock, Darkwood Forest and more. Hopefully they will release english editions at some point, but in the meantime I'm doing my best to translate it myself!
    - jediboyy

  2. Oh, brilliant, thank you! So much going on in FF in other languages that I don't know about. I wonder is there any chance this will get an English release (my school boy French won't get me very far I suspect). Who's behind it, do you know?

  3. We are in discussion with Scriptarium at the moment to translate their original material back from the French, and also stock their printed miniatures, maps etc in our Webstore.

    As far as Steve Luxton goes, he has also done the maps for our Maelstrom Domesday RPG! We like to keep him busy...

    1. Brilliant! Thanks for letting me know, best of luck with it.

  4. That map is by Jidus, for Scriptorium.


  5. Jidus (I don't know his real name) is Scriptorium's map artist. He also has a matching poster of Allansia is working on Khul.

    The bit you will be interested in - and where I need the TRB again - is that I am working on Scriptarium's adventure which goes with their boxed set of Titan. To make sure that everyone's maps match I am using his continental outlines.
    I guess this is my contribution to the TRB project.

    Part of this project involves designing town plans for Pollua, Canunie, Vasil and Farleigh. Any info you can supply is extremely welcome. The TRB ain't dead yet!

    Scriptarium have given you the moniker Cartographer of Khare. Congrats on that. If you want one of my maps for that, I'm up for it.

  6. Of course, I meant a matching map of the Old World.