Sunday, 10 November 2013

Mike Schley's Inkle Sorcery! maps

Have you played the Inkle Sorcery! adventures yet? They're brilliant, lush updates of the classic FF series. I'll talk about them more in later posts (especially once I've had a chance to play Kharé more); for now I just want to say how much I like Mike Schley's wonderful maps, which really add to the experience (the other maps on his website aren't half bad either). You can see the whole Shamutanti Hills map here, and you can view part of the Kharé map here (I can't find the full map online yet).

Beautiful! It looks like I'm going to have to update my article, The geography of Kharé, which appeared in issue 12 of Fighting Fantazine... Watch this space for more discussion of the Inkle apps and maps.

  • UPDATE 13/11/2013: Mike Schley has now made the full map of Kharé available here. Wonderful!

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