Saturday, 29 March 2014

Once more unto Deathtrap Dungeon, dear friends, once more

Just another couple of quick notes about the Deathtrap Dungeon computer game by Eidos:
  • I didn't think they would, but the original cheats for DD work on the Steam version too. You can get unlimited health, increase strength and speed, acquire all the inventory, and access all the levels without completing each one. Just search for "deathtrap dungeon pc cheats" on Google. Very useful for anyone like me who wants to explore the dungeon without spending weeks getting killed over and over again, although I find that acquiring all the inventory is not much fun as you can just walk through each level without having to explore, missing lots of areas without realising it.
  • You can view an almost complete playthrough of the PC version of the game on YouTube (thanks to bloodbeast on the Fighting Fantazine forum for the tip). I think you can do the same for the PS version of the game too, although I haven't looked into that yet.
So time to get mapping! The maps in the Official Strategy Guide by Prima aren't very detailed or complete, so there's plenty of work to be done. Happy adventuring!

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