Sunday, 27 July 2014

Central northern Khul

While I wait for my visa to visit Hachiman (it's taken a while, I know, but it is a closed country), I thought I'd quickly revisit central northern Khul just to sketch out a few further geographical details, bearing in mind what I said about traders and slavers travelling between the Parine valley and Arkand in the south and Ashkyos and Gundobad in the north. In the following map, I've added details from the black and white map in Master of Chaos, and I've suggested locations for the Isle of Orcmoot and the Kingdom of Peleus from Clash of the Princes

I can imagine there are two main routes across this part of Khul. The first would skirt through the Wastes of Qor and around the worst parts of the Wastes of Chaos, making for Rahasta, then Ashkyos and Gundobad. This could only be a harsh route, but it is more direct and avoids traders having to pass through Arkand, which might be to their advantage tax-wise. The other route would be north from Arkand, either via Rahasta or, more likely, to the bay south of Corda (or even to Corda itself), then across the Battlegrounds to Ashkyos and Gundobad. This looks like the safer route, and is likely to be the route for trade to Arion, but it is longer and who knows what dangers lurk in the Battlegrounds.

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